Invoice data capture with human accuracy

Paperflow automatically captures all relevant data accurately from invoices, receipts, other financial document and – regardless of format – digitalize your workflow and ERP system. Our founder, Toke Kruse, would love to demonstrate exactly how a collaboration will increase your profits.

Paperflow is non-binding, offers a free setup and cheap pricing model.

100% human accuracy
Easy integration
Low prices and high quality

The problem and how we solve it

With old-school scanning solutions, the finance department spends a lot of time and resources on manual typing and invoice templates. By switching to Paperflow, our intelligent AI scanning engine reads all relevant data with 100% human accuracy completely automatically. As a result, the finance department no longer has to do manual work, and freeing up time to do more valuable tasks.


LEMAN scans 400.000 invoices each year, and their CFO is saying, that they saved 10-12 employees by switching to Paperflow. These employees are now working in other departments, such as sales and marketing, delivering a lot more value to the company.

Rosendahl Group

Rosendahl has saved 50% resources in their finance department by switching to Paperflow. As a result, they have been able to manage a growth of 25% more invoices with their current staff.