Goodbye, manual data entry

In 2015 Werner Valeur (Toke Kruse), Dan Rose, Preben Damgaard and Lars Seier Christensen along with seven brilliant developers created a powerful scanning tool. The idea was to create a simple flow with perfectly automated document scanning, making life easier for bookkeepers, accounting programs and software partners in workflow/ERP systems. Today, Paperflow creates data-driven knowledge by digitising your entire document management system. We scan, refine, present. Paperflow became, and still is the foundation for full automation.


Hello, automated business

Papers in your hand, documents on your desk, documents stored in binders. That’s all in the past. The future is paper-free data management in a simple flow, providing you with the necessary insights for your business. Paperflow creates data-driven knowledge by digitising and supporting your company’s existing document management system. The purpose is to provide you with freedom, knowledge and security. We can’t think of a better reason for being in business.


Freedom, Knowledge & Security

Paperflow is based on three principles critical to successful businesses. Freedom, knowledge and security. You are free to focus on your business when you don’t have to spend your time and money on paperwork. You get the opportunity to gather crucial knowledge about your business and customers in one place. You get the highest level of security, because Paperflow is fully integrated with your existing set-up, and because our AI technology is way beyond man’s own capabilities. We even offer human validation to eliminate all errors and provide you with the highest possible data quality on the market. As an added bonus, our validation team trains the scanning engine every time they validate your data, making your results even more accurate, gradually ending the need for human validation.


A simple flow

  • Easy transactions
  • Top level security
  • Financial control
  • Cheaper work processes


Paperflow celebrates the simple flow. We assume that you are fully aware of the many possibilities of digitalisation. But perhaps you seek more tangible benefits with regard to releasing work resources and minimising costs. You’ll find what you are looking for in Paperflow’s unbroken value chain. Employees get easy-to-do transactions, your CFO has top level security and top management has better financial control and cheaper work processes. All in all, we represent a new generation of document management. Paperflow is new freedom through data-driven knowledge, and we’d love you tell you more.