Bringing banking into the future

The future belongs to resilient, digital banks. However, the bombardment of new technology and digitisation presents many banks with unforeseen challenges and opportunities. Paperflow is here to help.

What we can do

Paperflow offers scanning in the financial sector, which ultimately gives the customers a great online banking experience. Digitalisation has made the customers increasingly aware of how they spend their time. They are aware of the intelligent solutions in the market and seek to optimise where they can. Additionally, they expect a seamless and personalised experience.

In collaboration with various financial organisations we aim towards complete automation of the flows in online banking, giving the customer an effortless experience when it comes to payments. This has huge value, particularly for smaller companies, as they typically handle these processes themselves.


Why we have to do it

The future of banking revolves around automation and user experience. If the banks fail to digitise, they will simply cease to exist.

Open banking is fundamentally reshaping the traditional payment system as we know it. This will be a disruptive force facing any bank in the EU, and if the Banks fail to utilize the possibilities PSD2 is offering, they will most likely be degraded to a simple infrastructure. Over time they could be replaced completely, as any organisation using the new technologies will be able to offer the same services, only better and smarter.

We want to help the banks become important again. We must create more value and provide the customers with several reasons to use online banking. When we succeed, banks will no longer be vulnerable to PSD2 and the new possibilities, because they will be utilising it as well.


The most exciting part

Those were plenty of reasons for us to get in touch. But here’s the grand finale: The real potential actually lies in the data. Once we’ve scanning their invoices, we know everything there is to know about a customer’s behaviour. This provides the bank with priceless insight, and a unique possibility to offer new products based on the data. E.g. credit based on previous payments’ behaviour or security products that warn you if an invoice comes from a company that’s going out of business.

Unleash automation

Bring flow to your business with AI-powered scanning and processing of all your documents.

Powered by AI
Our powerful AI-engine captures data from any format without the need to set up templates.
From slow to flow
No more manual data entry. Speed up your document handling process with up to 10x.
Human-level accuracy
Continuous validation of data by our validation team ensures the highest level of accuracy.
Pricing and plans

A great product with a great plan

Competitive pricing
We want you to choose us. That’s why our product improves every day, yet our prices remain extremely competitive.
No setup fees
We want to show you what Paperflow can do. That’s why it’s really easy to get started, and there’s no hidden fees.
Pay per use
We want to play fair. That’s why your price scales automatically, the more you need us. The tier you sign up to reflects the price of your scans.

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