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Paperflow offers data management in a simple flow. We create data-driven knowledge by digitising and supporting entire document management systems, providing you with the necessary business insights. You get the opportunity to gather crucial information about business and customers in one place and create automated flows, using the data provided by Paperflow. It’s a fast and simple way to deliver greater value, and we'd love to tell you more.

From slow to flow

Through open API you can offer your customers the opportunity to scan all of their Invoices, receipts and credit notes with the highest level of accuracy on the market.

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Open API and easy integration
We have an open API, which enables an effortless integration with Paperflow. This will save a huge amount of development resources.
More value
Deliver greater value and even better customer relationships, as you are able to offer new, better solutions that bring your customer’s business into the future.
Paperflow has no interface, requires no user training, clients only have to work in one system, and we can get you started in minutes.
Free customer references
Integration partners are listed on our website, marketed free of charge. You automatically receive referrals from our sellers when customers seek advice from us.
Human-level accuracy
Our continuously improving AI- scan has the highest level of accuracy on the market, starting from the very first scan.
Technical support
Naturally, we provide technical support when new integration partners are hooked up to our service, including onboarding and testing.

Our trusted partners

Paperflow is an important piece of a big puzzle. Our integration partners complete us, and we’re proud to work with every single one of them.

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