From manual to automated

Stop wasting time on repetitive, mind-numbing data entry. Paperflow scans your invoices, receipts and credit notes with the highest level of accuracy on the market and turns them into data flowing straight to your existing workflow and ERP-system. Embrace automation today, and you're free to focus on your business tomorrow.

A simple flow

Paperflow celebrates the simple flow. We assume that you are fully aware of the many possibilities of digitalisation. But perhaps you seek more tangible benefits with regard to releasing work resources and minimising costs. You’ll find what you are looking for in Paperflow’s unbroken value chain. Employees get easy-to-do transactions, your CFO has top level security and top management has better financial control and cheaper work processes. All in all, we represent a new generation of document management. Paperflow is new freedom through data-driven knowledge, and we’d love you tell you more.

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Cheaper work processes
No typing, no templates, no training, no maintenance.
Incredibly accurate
Our AI- scanning has the highest quality of data on the market, starting from your very first scan.
We're an AI company
We learn from all scanned docs globally and train the engines ourselves.
A human touch
Our human validation team corrects potential errors and trains the scanning engine to perfect your data.
Gets better every day
Our AI-tech improves every day, perfecting your data, free of charge.
Create more value
You're free to focus on the part of the flow where you can create the greatest possible value.
Pricing and plans

A great product with a great plan

Competitive pricing
We want you to choose us. That’s why our product improves every day, yet our prices remain extremely competitive.
No setup fees
We want to show you what Paperflow can do. That’s why it’s really easy to get started, and there’s no hidden fees.
Pay per use
We want to play fair. That’s why your price scales automatically, the more you need us. The tier you sign up to reflects the price of your scans.

How does it work?

It’s not rocket science, but it’s still pretty cool. Learn more about our advanced data capture software, and you’ll see how and why it works.

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Want to know more about data-driven knowledge with a human touch? We’ll get you started in minutes.

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