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Through open API you can offer your customers the opportunity to scan all of their documents and invoices with the highest level of accuracy on the market. Paperflow can be an integral part of your own software, or you can offer Paperflow’s app to your customers with your own colours and logo. We’re happy either way. We are a small cog in a large machine and can be customized to fit your own software. This allows you to focus on the part of your flow where you can create the greatest possible value.

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Open API and easy integration
We have an open API, which enables an effortless integration with Paperflow. This will save you a huge amount of development resources.
Technical support
Naturally, we provide technical support when new integration partners are hooked up to our service, including onboarding and testing.
No interface, no user training, clients only have to work in one system, and we can get you started in minutes. Easy data retrieval via our mobile app, email or directly through our API.
Free customer references
All integration partners are listed on our website, where you are marketed free of charge. You automatically receive referrals from our sellers when customers seek advice from us.
Avoid outdated software
By using Paperflow, you can avoid sluggish integration and software development. The core of Paperflow is a modern API, giving you a lot of flexibility instead of limited integration.
Human-level accuracy
Our continuously improving AI-scan has the highest level of accuracy on the market, starting from the very first scan.

Our trusted partners

Paperflow is an important piece of a big puzzle. Our integration partners complete us, and we’re proud to work with every single one of them.

Let’s partner up

Become an integration partner today and get costumer referrals when you’re ready. We automatically refer customers to our integration partners as soon as the integration is verified and approved.